Georeferencing, tracking, operation management for your farm vehicles​

Real-time monitoring of your machines

Rationalization of tractors

Optimize the time spent on each site, thanks to the tracking of motorized assets. You can quickly and easily highlight the different activities.

Rationalisation des tracteurs
Données des trajets

Trip data

Analyze the journey data of all the vehicles in your fleet, identify possible improvements and therefore both the efficiency of journeys and drivers.

Notification system

Be automatically notified, by SMS or e-mail, when your vehicles arrive and leave specific locations or in the event of an unusual situation.

Système de notification

Ease of use

Fonctionnement en 3 étapes

3-step operation

  1. Access your dashboard to track tractor routes, consumption, and driver behavior
  2. Receive alerts when thresholds you define are crossed
  3. Get comprehensive weekly reports on the use of your motorized asset

Discover other features


Route of the tractors

Validate the performance of your operations from the actual routes of your tractors or those of your service providers


Consumption and maintenance

Accurately monitor the consumption of your tractors and anticipate maintenance work


Driver behavior

Track driver behavior in real time

Service Annexe

Additional Service

Pair your measurements with the Tracker to ensure that your treatments are carried out correctly

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