Determination of fertilizer requirements for cereals and rapeseed

Taking into account the heterogeneity of the plots thanks to satellite remote sensing to adjust your fertilization.

Make your nitrogen investment profitable

An estimate of the needs of your plots to the nearest nitrogen unit

FERTISAT is a decision support tool allowing the calculation of nitrogen needs according to the potential of your plots, the progress of the season and your yield objectives.

FERTISAT was born from a simple observation: the yields of wheat, rapeseed, barley and sugar cane in Africa remain generally low and highly variable from one season to another. Nitrogen represents a significant load which, optimized according to the potential of the season and the plot, generates margin gains.

Une estimation du besoin de vos parcelles à l‘unité d’azote près
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Ease of use

Pilotez votre fertilisation en 3 temps

Manage your fertilization in 3 steps

  1. Select your plot

  2. Fill in your culture information

  3. Receive advice and modulate


Discover other features



Get at each fertilization stage a zoning of the amount of nitrogen your plot needs


Save money

Save money by reducing the amount of fertilizer you apply



Benefit from a PDF file containing additional zonings such as dry matter and eventually absorbed nitrogen

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Soil Protection

Protect your soil in the long term by adopting a reasoned practice of fertilization

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