Inspect your plots and anticipate risks

Direct your operators efficiently to get the most out of your plot inspections.


Direct your operators to areas of interest

Make the smartphone an inspection tool

The SKOWT solution allows remote verification of the hot spots of your plots, at any time and from your home.

You can direct several of your operators to specific areas or program random routes to ensure the good health of your plots.

The SKOWT solution increases the efficiency of inspections by directing operators straight to sensitive areas and providing them with a complete report.

Faites du smartphone un outil d’inspection
Image man and mobile

Ease of use

Inspectez vos parcelles en 3 étapes

Inspect your plots in 3 steps

  1. Select your plot

  2. Select the areas to check or opt for the random route

  3. Once the points have been verified by your operators, receive the results


Discover other features



Constant communication between you and your operators



Route history made by your operators



Check sensitive areas on your field remotely

camera (1)

Keep track of each point

Ask for your operators to send you pictures when they reached the points if desired

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