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Who are You?

Are You a Farmer?

If you are a farmer looking for solutions to better manage your farm(s) and optimize your production levels, SOWIT is here you for you.

Our 6 mobile app solutions provide actionable insights to give you enough time to react and help prevent damages, as well as better manage the farm and increase the amounts of viable production.

SOWIT uses proprietary imagery-based algorithms to give farmers a clear image of the nature and state of their soil/farm. 

Are You an Ag Organization (food, financial, government)?

Lacking information on affiliated farmers can be very deteriorating on decision-making. SOWIT onboards your affiliated farmers through our mobile app solutions in order to create a streamlined process of sharing data and best practices. 

SOWIT gives companies access to decision-support data and intelligence that allows them to optimize the quality of their products and performance, while also mitigating risk.

This self-sustaining virtuous circle of data furthers both the farmer and the organization, where there is a mutual sharing of practices, results, progress, and amelioration. 


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